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Departments of Economic Development (DED) set terms and conditions, on one hand, align with UAE Commercial Law and, on the other, make it easy for you to make any required adjustments to your current business license. DEDs have made substantial strides to increase their performance in terms of maintaining given licenses. It has been shown that these actions result in a rise in the number of well-run companies in the United Arab Emirates. You should be assured that the company will still be adaptable, and you will be able to make all of the improvements mentioned below without having to quit the old one and start a new company

You can perform the following changes in your business permit:

  • Add/remove a partner/shareholder 
  • Amendment of share capital
  • Change the business activity
  • Change of legal form (for example, Sole Establishment to LLC or FZC to FZE)
  • Change of the trade name
  • Change legal/physical address of a company
  • Change of the Manager/Licensee holder of the company or Local Service Agent
  • Shares or License mortgage
  • Merge of the companies
  • Permanently or temporarily freezing of the business permit/liquidation of the company