Our Services

Bank Account Opening Assistance

Our Business Support Services includes in Bank account opening in Dubai. Thus, Elegant Services are allied with major banks in the UAE. We had a great track record to serve our clients. Therefore, we fix a meeting between our client and banker. The banker will explain the requirements of the bank after going through the client profile.  We ensure that our clients will get the best experience. 

We assist our client to open a bank account in Dubai. So we have maintained a network of local bankers. We set up a meeting of a client with banks of UAE. We assist only clients, Who Setup a company in UAE Mainland with us. Complete banking procedure will be followed as per their guidance. We make sure that each client will get healthy experience from each bank. Even in some cases, we do act as a middle man to follow up with the bank. 

Directorship Services 

As you expand your business, you may find yourself in need of extra personnel. You may need a professional director to enhance your management team, for example, or perhaps you don’t currently have a director who’s physically located in a jurisdiction where you need someone to perform directorship duties. ​ 

We can assign an experienced manager with specific industry knowledge to act as your company’s personal director. They will take care of day-to-day management and ensure your company is compliant with local rules and regulations 

The main responsibilities of the director are as follows 

  • Liaising  with government departments  
  • Arranging local sponsor /local service agents  
  • Setting up of offices  
  • Hiring and discharging of staffs  
  • Bank account open, operation and closure  
  • Signing of all government departments & documents such as notary public, lease contracts, labor contracts, agency contracts etc… 
  • Signing of bank cheques and other documents 

Corporate Shareholder Services 

If you’re a beneficial owner, there are times when you may require enhanced privacy – for example, when conducting a specific transaction where it would be inappropriate or even dangerous to reveal your identity.​ At FIRST STEP , we can provide corporate or individual shareholders to help protect your privacy, in jurisdictions that deem it an acceptable arrangement. In a typical example, you would nominate a corporate shareholder for the company, who would be charged with representing your interests. That shareholder would then issue a Declaration of Trust in your favor. 

Liquidations & Strike Offs 

The lifecycle of a company isn’t always necessarily a long one. Unforeseen circumstances may lead to liquidation, and a change in a company’s structure could result in dissolution. The completion of a transaction, or the conclusion of a merger, acquisition or simplification of group corporate structures may also mean entities need to be liquidated. ​ Whatever the reason, you need an experienced team to guide you through the process as efficiently as possible. ​

At FIRST STEP, we offer a suite of liquidation services. We can act as liquidator, prepare the liquidation and final accounts and coordinate the entire liquidation process – helping ease what can sometimes be a challenging process.​ 

Shelf Companies 

Completing the necessary formalities to enter a market in a new region is time-consuming. And without local support and expertise, the process can be frustrating and costly too.​​ 

Our shelf companies are carefully structured to facilitate a fast, efficient transfer of ownership and get your business up and running quickly. Investors can avoid unnecessary commitment while an acquisition, start-up or capital investment is under negotiation. ​​ 

Our solution meets a broad range of needs. It’s of particular value when the timing of market entry is critical, for example with company or real estate acquisitions.​ 

We pioneered shelf company services back in 2005, offering the most commonly used forms of companies including Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Limited Joint-Stock Partnerships and Joint-Stock Companies. ​