Our Services

Merger and Acquisition Management advisory

Corporate Governance, Drafting, Change Management, Business Process reengineering, Risk assurance by providing you with complete corporate management and advisory solutions to cross over every hurdle that you may come across in your business circle relating to Mergers & Acquisitions, corporate management, Investment fund management, disbursals in addition to regulatory compliance structuring and project management perspectives 

  1. Review of Sale and Purchase Agreement and Share Holders Agreement including provisions of key legal issues, Agreement heads, applicability, viability and addressing all necessary components and comment on key legal issues, processes, applicability, provisions and adoption
  2. Provision of vetting, amendment, modification and suggestive recommendations of rephrasing SPA and ancillary documents in the transaction   
  3. Co-ordination and correspondence with Buyer Counsel for finalization of documentation and processes 
  4. Communication with Seller Counsels for final legal terminologies that are necessary as per applicable UAE laws in relation to enforcement 
  5. Advice on application and process of ownership transfers, incorporation of equity injection policies and legal documentation on equity investment, 
  6. Finalization of shareholders agreement, Adoption of new Board of directors’ documentations,  
  7. Document Notarization, legalization registration process assistance for incorporating the sale and purchase strategy and implementations. 
  8. Review the legal structure of the investing entity and alert sellers of pitfalls, if any. Review legal documents of the investing entity and the entity in which equity shall be allotted to the sellers as proposed under the transaction.