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Legal Translation means the translation and interpretation of a text used in any legal system. Legal translation usually includes documents like witness statement, transcripts, identity documentation, financial records, official reports, filed patents, and legal rulings or precedents.

You’ll need a valid translation that’s been accepted by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and all other government departments, as well as Embassies and Consulates. We will provide you with a translation that meets the criteria mentioned above. We will provide you with timely and outstanding support. Highly trained proof-readers can assess and proofread the translation. You will be appointed an employee who will work closely with you. Our translators are experts who are familiar with the nuances, laws, regulations, and standards of each jurisdiction, establishment, and organization to which you must apply your translation. Through us, you’re in strong hands. We will supply you with a legitimate translation that is very much appropriate in Dubai and other Emirates. Our professionals dealing with legal translation are sworn to confidentiality when required.