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Servant Visa Requirements

Salary: Sponsor’s monthly salary should not be less than Dh6,000 or Dh5,000 plus company provided accommodation.

Yearly Fees: Sponsor should pay Dh5360 as an annual fee at Immigration (every year to be repeated. Typing Charge extra)

Deposit: Dh2020 to be paid in Cash at Immigration after approval. This amount will be refunded after Maid’s Visa cancellation and exit. Dh220 should be paid at Immigration as file opening fees.• The housemaid and the Sponsor/spouse should not be related• The Sponsor should be a resident in the UAE living with his/her family

New Entry Permit for Housemaid Sponsored by an Expatriate

Required Documents:

  • Prepaid Application Form (can be typed from Typing Centre). Fee Dh310 to be paid at Typing Centre (Typing Charge extra).
  • Maid’s passport copy (colour) + one photograph with white background.
  • Copy of the sponsor’s and spouse’s passport (colour).