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Trademark / Logo registration

A trademark is a brand name, logo, or sign that companies use to classify their lawfully licensed or established products or services. It may be a name, a word, sign, text, figure, painting, emblem, title, tax stamp, seal, illustration, inscription, advertising, or some other combination expected to be used

The Benefits of Registering a Trademark in the United Arab Emirates 

  • Protect the product’s and brand ‘s identity.
  • Helps consumers to immediately find the brand or product, without having to look it up again. 
  • Helps insure the offered good or service are of original quality.
  • Others that trade in the same, but faulty goods/services are covered by registering.

Documents required for Trademark Registration in UAE:

  • Application form
  • Sample of trademark design (brand name)
  • Confirmation of official fee payment
  • Trading license
  • Power of attorney
  • List of goods and services to be protected
  • ID or passport of person who will sign application
  • Contact details of the applicant